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Boards and Committees

last modified 05/01/2016 04:45

NSW Government boards and committees play an important role in providing leadership, direction and accountability across many areas of NSW Government activity.  Boards and Committees represent a vital link between community needs and government delivery of services.

There are approximately 400 centrally reported Government boards and committees with approximately 4000 members. These boards and committees are diverse in terms of functions, form, size and the way in which they operate.   A list of some of the boards and committees that require Cabinet approval for appointments can be found on the Public Service Commission web site 

They encompass boards of government trading enterprises, marketing boards, regulatory boards, professional registration boards, area health service boards, trusts and advisory councils and committees.

This site provides information for NSW Government agencies and the public about how board and committee members are appointed and remunerated, and access to other publications.

Agencies are encouraged to use this site to advertise any vacancies or request that a vacancy be broadcast via email to people on the Register.

The NSW Government is committed to providing greater opportunities for the community to participate in its decision making process, and has particular interest in increasing women's representation on its boards and committees, as well as people from other under represented groups.

If you would like to make a contribution to your community and the way you live, you are invited to join the NSW Government Register of people available for appointment to NSW Government boards and committees, people prepared to have a say today on decisions that affect tomorrow.


Changes to the appointment process are addressed in the Guides and Publications for Agencies page